We are a Consulting and Research Company
Providing Solutions to Local and International Institutions and Businesses

Lipa Consultancy has a dynamic team who work professionally and have broad experience and knowledge regarding qualitative and quantitative data collection techniques according to international standards. Our vast experience has been gained through continually working with various sectors and technologies over the years.

An experienced sociologist, statistical expert and psychologist form part of the Lipa Consultancy research team striving to continue our excellent work.  Investing in the workforce, training and staying up-to-date with the technological advances has helped Lipa Consultancy to constantly increase its service quality and customer satisfaction.  Whether it is collecting data, data analysis and training our pollsters, we are always trying to improve ourselves and increase our capacity.

We are making use of various and current data collection techniques.

CAPI (Computer Assisted Personalised Interviewing) Face-to-face surveys

Using special software, we are able to upload survey questions and face-to-face answers on a digital platform.  This methodology is widely used around the world, and helps with data privacy, quality and rapid data collection.

CATI (Computer Assisted Telephony Interviewing) Phone Surveys

Phone numbers are produced automatically with the software and a digital survey is used according to the legal requirements, including recording the conversation, and data quality and data privacy are both ensured in the best possible way.  CATI methodology is preferred in low budget surveys that are not very time consuming.

CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interviewing)

With the CAWI system, the participants can fill out the survey through a link on their computer, tablet or mobile phone.  This methodology is suitable for specific groups and is the most effective method.

Focus Group Meetings

We have a wide variety of participant profiles for focus group meetings.  The participants are selected based on the profile and quota selected by the customer, where the groups are formed quickly, meetings are conducted using various techniques and then reports are produced.

Mystery Shopping

We can arrange mystery shopping services for many sectors including retail, sales and service sectors.  We have increased our capacity and experience over the years to meet the needs of local and international clients.

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