In today’s world, where the competitiveness has increased and information can be easily accessed by everyone, one of the major needs of companies is marketing.  With globalization and in a world where everything can be easily accessed, the way to keep aligned with the changes is through the development of a marketing strategy.  Success can be achieved through correct communication techniques and making the marketing strategy feasible in order to reach out to your customers.  As Lipa Consultancy, we provide marketing strategy development to ensure effective long-term and permanent strategies.

When developing a marketing strategy, our experts use a multi-faceted approach and raise awareness regarding the trends in the market.  Our experts use various approaches, such as consumer surveys, competitive analysis, customer/employee/management/supplier interviews, focus group meetings, analysis of sectoral statistics and analysis of competitor products.  Based on this information, we provide a wide range of services, such as the design of the product or the service, the product identity and product messages.

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