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Protection of Personal Data (PPD) Law Clarification Text

Lipa Consultancy conducts all its research, marketing and public opinion based on professional ethics and according to TRNC 89/2007 law regarding the Protection of Personal Data, in addition to ESOMAR International Research Codes and Guidance Principles. For individuals participating in our market research surveys, it is very important for us to respect their privacy and protection of personal data, and we show the utmost care in ensuring the privacy of their personal data.
We process all the personal data including data of those who pay for our services in accordance with the PPD Law. With the full awareness of this responsibility and under the description of the PPD Law Section 10, with the title of “Data Protection Officer”, we keep your personal data private in accordance with the description below and within the boundaries defined by the law with regard to the collection, processing and storage of data when necessary.

1. The Data that we Collect

Under the PPD Law, Section 13 title “Responsibility to Inform”, in the research conducted by Lipa Consultancy, all the forms introduce the Lipa Consultancy research company and explain the reason for calling the participant.

Lipa Consultancy contacts participants for one of the following reasons:
1. In order to invite the participant to engage in the research
2. In order to conduct a survey with the participant
3. In order to verify the answers given to a survey
4. In order to verify the personal data of the participant

In addition to the conditions above:

1.Lipa Consultancy could contact the Client in order to obtain their permission to use the data for a purpose that was not mentioned in the initial contact with the participant.

In the context of research, the questions could include the demographic data such as the composition of the household as well as personal opinions of the participant. The participant has the right not to answer certain questions or to withdraw from the survey at any point of the questionnaire process. When participating in an online research panel, the participant can leave the panel following the instructions and unsubscribe from the Lipa Consultancy mailing list.
Lipa Consultancy never knowingly invites children (between the ages of 15-17, inclusive) to participate in research without the consent of their parents.

2. Research Answers and Personal Data Privacy

The answers of a participant are combined with the answers of other participants and the data and report are subsequently presented to the Client. Other than the exceptions mentioned below, the personal answers of individual respondents are not knowingly reported.
In order the protect the privacy of the answers of each survey participant, Lipa Consultancy will never sell, share, rent or forward the personal information of participants, such as name, address, phone number or e-mail to third parties.

Under the PPD Law Section 7 titled “Processing of Sensitive Information”, Lipa Consultancy will never reveal participant information to third parties except for the exceptions stipulated below:
1. With the permission and willingness of the participant, their identity and individual answers could be shared.
2. Based on the ESOMAR Principles, participants are informed that their answers are confidential in accordance with the agreements and that information that is shared with third parties will only be used for research or statistical purposes.
3. Lipa Consultancy might need to reveal this information due to legal requirements such as summons or directives by the judicial authority or the government. Although this is rare, it is possible for this situation to occur.

3. Security of the Personal Data

Lipa Consultancy informs its employees regarding the privacy, security and confidentiality principles and conditions and the importance of following these principles.

4. Accuracy of Personal Data

Lipa Consultancy will try its best in order to be in control of the personal data based on correct, complete, up-to-date and existing latest data.
We trust that the participants will answer the questions in the research projects in an honest manner and cooperate and contribute in order to keep the personal data correct, complete and up-to-date.

5. Access to Personal Data

Under the PPD Law, section 14 ‘Access Right’, Lipa Consultancy is responsible for providing the requested personal data within 30 days after receiving an access request. If the request is not met, the firm is obliged to provide a written explanation.

6. The right of the participant to object

Under the PPD Law, section 15 ‘The right to object’, objections should be made in writing to the Data Protection Officer and within 15 days of the request, Lipa Consultancy is obliged to provide an answer.

7. The Notice of Change in the Policies

In the case of a change in the policies or data privacy practices, 30 days before it takes place, this change will be published on the Lipa Consultancy website in a transparent manner. Following the change, the most recent version of the policies will be published.

8. To get in touch with Lipa Consultancy research and consultancy firm

Any questions regarding these policies, complaints about the procedures and access requests should be directed to the Data Protection Officer through e-mail. Lipa Consultancy will investigate the complaints and explain in a justified manner to the relevant parties.

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