The factors that affect the political tendencies in a society are technological advances, as well as social and economic changes. All sorts of different factors such as changing technology, social and economic fluctuations affect the political choices and tendencies of the public. With the changing dynamics, the political tendencies also inevitably change.  As Lipa Consultancy, we have been collecting data on the ever changing of politics, which is one of the important factors determining the future of the society.    We analyse the data with an objective approach both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Lipa has been implementing public opinion surveys since its establishment  with qualitative and quantitative data collection methods. Our most important value is acting in accordance with ethical values and not steer the society with the results of our projects in any certain way.

We conduct the political public opinion surveys based on the ethical principles, and determine the vote potential for the political parties, political problem, success and confidence to the government.  We analyse the data and prepare strategies to guide the society.

As a result of political opinion polls conducted within the framework of ethical rules, the potential of political parties, problems and achievements, and government reliability, etc. can be reported. By analysing these issues, we can provide a guidance for setting up strategies for the future.

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